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Eddie Gallagher

For nearly twenty years, Eddie served as a Navy Corpsman, Marine Scout Sniper and Navy SEAL. Eight overseas combat deployments, two Bronze Stars and one Navy Achievement Medal, both with “V” for Valor. 

A father, mentor and leader with a faith-first mission, Eddie strives to continue his life of service by helping others through The PipeHitter Foundation.

Living in the Panhandle of Florida, Eddie continues to train and workout daily to ensure he is mentally and physically sound for any battle that is thrown at him and his family.

In addition to an established social and online presence, Eddie continues to give private speeches and consulting for a variety of businesses, schools, and government agencies. 

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The Man
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From Fighting ISIS to Fighting for My Freedom

On September 11, 2018, Chief (SEAL) Eddie Gallagher was suddenly arrested at the medical facility where he was receiving treatment for traumatic brain injuries. He was taken to a military brig and held in solitary confinement without being told what he had been arrested for or how long he would be there.

Eddie would spend nine months in prison largely being denied medical treatment, access to legal counsel, and regular visits. His family was terrorized by the government while the press vilified him as a monster. Even after a jury of his peers found him innocent of murdering an ISIS fighter, there still exists a perception that Chief Gallagher got away with murder and was pardoned by President Trump. Neither are true.

The Man in the Arena is Chief Gallagher’s opportunity to tell the true story of what happened during the fight for Mosul.

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Created by Eddie Gallagher. Our service members and first responders put their lives on the line to protect us. Too often, they find themselves in legal crosshairs simply for doing their jobs. The Pipe Hitter Foundation is dedicated to supporting these brave men and women, helping them find justice, and reforming a system that too often second guesses our heroes.
Podcast featuring David Fields & Eddie Gallagher.

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